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KF94, SAFE MASK, FDA Certified Non-Medical Use

  • 4-layer blocking filters for more secure blocking of microdust.
  • It protects your respiratory system from particulate harmful substances such as  yellow dust or microdust.
  • 3D mask for easy conversation and comfortable wearing.
  • With ergonomic construction, your lips don’t contact the surface of a mask, for comfortable wearing.
  • Aluminum nose support for preventing fogging. With nose support, you can wear the mask fitted to the face.
  • Box of 50 pcs, Carton of 500 pcs (contains 10 boxes of 50 pcs)

Manufacture Details:

  • Woojin Textile Co. LTD, Republic of Korea
  • Face Mask (except N95 respirator) for General Public/Healthcare Personnel - Clean Mask, Nano Mask, Safe Mask
  • Registration Number:  3017676601.  Registration Year: 2021

Since founded in 1986 for nylon DTY(DrawTextured Yarn),WoojinTextile Co.,Ltd. Has been grown up making various products with great quality. We have done our best to meet with our customers’ needs, with continuous product development such as the first production of nylon microfiber in Korea, and rich experience. 

Woojin Textile Co.,Ltd. grown with the continuous love of customers, will continuously try to grow to enterprise offering new value to the customers with mask production.

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