As 2020 comes to a close, there are signs of hope. The first doses of the vaccine are being administered, but the US still has an all-time high number of cases. You may be wondering where to keep up with news and what you can do to help. Here are the people, organizations, podcasts, and nonprofits to tune into and give toward if you’re wanting to commit to knowing and doing more this year.


  1. CDC (@CDCgov
  2. World Health Organization (@WHO)
  3. NIAD News (@NIADNews)


  1. Caitlin Rivers, PhD (@cmyeaton) –– Faculty at John Hopkins Center for Health Security
  2. Trevor Bedford, PhD (@cmyeaton) –– Scientist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  3. Ashish Jha, MD, MPH (@ashishkjha) –– Director at Harvard Global Health Institute


  1. Coronavirus Daily, NPR
  2. Coronavirus Global Update, BBC
  3. Epidemic With Dr. Celine Gounder and Ronald Klain, Just Human Productions
  4. The Journal., WSJ


  1. C19 Coalition –– C19 Coalition’s mission is to create a unified supply chain for PPE and medical supplies. Donate to help support frontline workers, teachers, and communities affected by the pandemic.
  2. Feeding America –– More people than ever are out of work and need the support that nonprofits like Feeding America provide. Fight hunger by giving money towards meals for those struggling with food insecurity.
  3. Doctors Without Borders –– Doctors Without Borders is caring for patients across the world and also offering mental health support. 
  4. National Foundation for Infectious Diseases –– NFID works with health care professionals, teachers, and policy makers to amplify education and research regarding the spread of diseases like COVID-19. 
  5. Preemptive Love –– Preemptive Love provides crisis relief to areas that are suffering from the effects of conflict in addition to the pandemic.


  1. Donate blood to The American Red Cross –– According to the FDA, every two seconds a patient needs a blood transfusion, and during COVID, the number of blood donations has gone significantly down. You can save a life simply by donating your blood.
  2. Volunteer for the Crisis Text Line or 7 Cups –– A lot of people are dealing with mental health challenges during this time. By signing up to counsel someone over text or listen via phone, you can make a tangible difference all while staying home.
  3. Deliver meals / groceries for Meals on Wheels or Invisible Hands –– These contactless delivery services are particularly helpful for seniors or those with health complications. By volunteering or offering to pick up food for your elderly neighbor, you are helping reduce risk for those most vulnerable.

Thank you for social distancing, wearing masks, donating, volunteering, and promoting public health. Keeping our communities well is a team effort, and your choice to research how to mask properly or to donate to a nonprofit goes a long way. We’re glad to provide gear to keep you, your loved ones, doctors, and businesses safe.

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