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Aiden Direct allows independent healthcare practitioners guaranteed access and low cost for professional grade supplies critical to running their businesses.

Half of your office’s annual PPE costs go to something other than the PPE itself: shipping, warehousing, sorting, and making last minute purchases when you run out. Instead, plan your purchases ahead with our Supply Calculator, bulk buy your PPE ahead of time, and put tens of thousands of dollars back in your pocket each year*.
* Based on a two location dental practice purchasing 6 months of supplies at a time


Use the Supply Calculator to estimate how much PPE your office needs. We’ve vetted products in every category.

Buy in Bulk

Buy in bulk to reach the minimum purchase level ($2,000, or ~2 months of PPE for one independent health care office). Bulk purchasing lowers your costs and derisks your chances of running out when supply is scarce.

Receive & Store

Your first month’s worth of supplies arrives within 7 days of placing your order. Your remaining shipments will arrive in the next 15-60 days.

Save & Relax

Rest easy knowing that you’ve locked in competitive bulk pricing and that you don’t need to think about PPE for several months

Supply Calculator

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Answer these five questions to see the recommended PPE amount your office needs.

Calculations are based upon a PPE supply of 3 months and include PPE for staff as well as basic masking for patients.