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PPE Supply Co. Premium Protective Mask Children’s KN95 (5pc/pack), White, GB2626-2019 standard Share on WhatsApp

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Product Details

Bio Defense Premium Children’s KN95 mask is designed specifically for children ages 6+ years. This 5-Ply mask meets GB2626-2006 Standards and has been tested by the National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL) to have over 95% filtration efficacy. It is also FDA registered and approved.

The mask features a flat-fold design with an adjustable nose piece and ear loops, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for children. The color of the mask is white and is available in a Child Premium KN95 size. Keep your children safe and protected with the Bio Defense Premium Children’s KN95 mask from PPE Supply Co. 

Manufacturer Details

Bio Defense Premium Children’s KN95 masks are manufactured by Zhangzhou Lili Medical Technology Co. Ltd.  located in Zhangzhou, China.  The brand owner is Personal Protective Equipment Supply Co. located in Chicago, USA.

Usage Details

Instructions for use are on the product package.

Packaging Details

Case dimensions:[ 20" x 15" x 94"]

Case weight: Approx. 18 lbs

Inner:  Box of 30 pcs (contains 6 x 5 pcs/pack individually wrapped)

Outer: Each case of 1000 pcs contains 200 boxes x 5 pc/box

Pallet dimensions Pallet weight
# of cases on a Pallet
42" X 50" X 94" Approx. 432 lbs 24

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