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Vinyl Gloves (Jiangsu Huayuan), Powder Free, Multi-Purpose (PVC), Clear (FDA 21 CFR 175.300 Food Contact Level Grade) Share on WhatsApp

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Product & Manufacturer Details

This is a case of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) powder-free exam gloves manufactured by Jiangsu Huayuan.  Non-Medical.  

Vinyl gloves will prevent cross-contamination and spreading bacteria from food service professionals to consumers during food preparation and serving.  

These polyvinyl chloride (PVC) powder-free gloves have been rated according to the requirements under China's BS EN 455-1:2000, BS EN 455-2:2015, and BS EN 455-3:2015 standards.

Latex-Free, Powder-Free


FDA 21 CFR Part 177.2600

National Standard Food Grade Test Report - SGS

A June 2, 2020 test conducted by SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co. concluded that the product passed all tests 

  • Watertightness test for detection of holes: Pass
  • Dimensions: length- 249mm (standard requires >=240), width- 96mm (standard requires 95 +/- 10)
  • Strength: before aging- 5.7N (standard requires >=3.6), after aging- 4.8N (standard requires >=3.6)

MANUFACTURER:  Jiangsu Huayuan Medical Technology Co. Ltd. is located in Jiangsu Province, 224249 P.R. China.

Their FDA FEI number is 3012304513, and their FDA Owner/Operator Number is 10059981.

Usage Details

Instructions for use are on the product package.


Case dimensions: 12 x 10 x 10.6 inches. 

Case weight: approx. 12.8 pounds.

Each case of 1000 contains 100 boxes x 10 pc/box.

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